You’ve been told to find yourself an Alexander Technique teacher.

You spend most of your day at a desk and you leave work sore wondering what you’re doing wrong to cause yourself pain.

You’re a public speaker or presenter looking to understand how to use your instrument (mind,body,voice) to captivate an audience.

You want to explore posture and different ways of moving with ease.

You want to gain more coordination, balance, presence.

As an actor:

You just got cast in a role that is physically, emotionally, and/or vocally demanding and you’re looking to set your instrument up for success before you start rehearsals.

You’re in a long run of a show with repetitive physical and emotional choreography that you need to balance.

You want to prevent injury from misusing your instrument in high stakes performances.

You want freedom: physically, emotionally, and vocally from your habits that constrain your expression.

You’re honing your audition skills and gaining mastery over your instrument.