Marya Spring Cordes

Marya Spring Cordes has made a career of a blissful blend of performing, teaching, and directing. She studied The Alexander Technique with Martha Hansen and Bruce Fertman and has been a certified teaching member of ATI since 2006. Marya is an Associate Professor and Head of Acting at Wright State University and brings the work into the Acting and Movement curriculum.

Kyra Miller

   Kyra Miller is an actor, singer and writer, with a long prior background as a dancer. She is also a teacher of the Alexander Technique. Though her training and credits are greatly varied, including solo work and devised theater, she is primarily an actor by orientation, and the greatest chunk of her professional work happens in musicals, or shows that otherwise include singing.

Belinda Mello

Belinda is a senior level Alexander Technique teacher and movement specialist in practice since 1989 and founder of AT Motion Center for Actors and co-founder of Freedom to ACT. In addition to her ongoing classes and lessons at AT MOTION, she currently teaches at The Barrow Group, SITI Conservatory, and as a guest at other acting programs — now offering classes at the Terry Knickerbocker Studio too!

Cathy Madden

Cathy Madden

Cathy is Principal Lecturer for the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program, Director of the Alexander Technique Training and Performance Studio in Seattle, and Associate Director/Research Director for BodyChance (Japan). Cathy’s well-known abilities to observe and analyze movement in relationship to artistic performance has made her a popular coach in Seattle and internationally for musicians and dancers, speakers and teachers as well as actors

Kari Margolis

Kari is an award-winning director, playwright, actor, master teacher, lecturer, published author and artistic director of the international touring MB ADAPTORS founded in NYC in 1984. She has created 18 critically acclaimed productions that have toured nationally and to Europe, Asia, South America and Canada. Kari has been Master Teacher at the national Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival for 14 years, and runs the Margolis Method Center in New York and Barcelona.

Sheila Bandyopadhyay

Sheila is a director, movement specialist, performer and devisor of original theater in New York City. With an extensive background in new work and Shakespeare, Sheila is committed to non-traditional theatrical performance that is literary, music-driven and physical.

Chelsea Pace

Chelsea Pace

Chelsea (SDC) is an intimacy choreographer, educator, movement specialist, and devisor working in Baltimore. She is an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, President of the Association of Theatre Movement Educators, and a founder of Theatrical Intimacy Education. She has developed a comprehensive approach for actors, directors, and choreographers to efficiently, effectively, and ethically stage theatrical intimacy.

Laura Rikard

Laura Rikard

Laura (SAG-AFTRA/AEA) is a director, actor, stage movement specialist, intimacy choreographer, Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University of South Carolina Upstate and a founding member of Theatre Intimacy Education. She has worked in film and television, NYC, regionally, on national tours, internationally and devised solo performance productions. She has been coaching and teaching for 18 years.

Wolfgang Weiser

Wolfgang trained in England and Germany from 1993-1997 and is a member of ATVD, STAT and ATME. He is an internationally recognized Alexander Technique teacher, working at training courses as well as giving workshops for teacher development all over Europe. He has taught Alexander Technique at the Theatre University of Stockholm and worked with actors, dancers and musicians all over Sweden.

Dana Calvey

Dana has been in this work for 12 years, teaching and presenting both nationally and internationally, in varied settings.  Dana's greatest value is facilitating student's experiences to bravely uncover deep layers of themselves. She uses the Alexander Technique principles to shine a light on students' endless possibility within; to unleash their creativity, and open into more humanity and deepen their personhood.

Holly Cinnamon

Holly is a NYC-based professional actor, writer and Alexander Technique teacher. Holly certified in AT and completed her MFA at the Boston Conservatory. Holly has taught Alexander Technique for the Opera Nuova summer training program, assistant taught with Belinda Mello at the Barrow Group and offers private lessons and group AT classes for actors in NYC in collaboration with AT Motion, fusing her knowledge of AT with her experience as a working actor.