AT & Audition Support

Acting and Singing (while Alexander Technique-ing)

Teacher: Kyra Miller
When: Mondays 1pm-3pm
September 30th & October 7th
Fee: $135
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How you walk in the door, how you interact with the accompanist, how you manage the unexpected...all impact how you will sing - and get a call back.This intensive is designed to guide you through your embodied audition preparation.

Audition Agility: AT & Coaching

Teacher: Dana Calvey & Belinda Mello
Tuesdays, 2:00pm-3:30pm
Starting September 10th
Fee: $25/Class or $80/4 Classes
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This class is an introduction to AT Motion’s weekly drop-in Audition Agility Class. Actors and Singers use this class to work on their choice of audition material at any stage in their process.

The Medium is the Message: Preparation Practices for Theatre vs On Camera Auditions

Teacher: Holly Cinnamon
When: Friday 1pm-3pm
Dates: September 20th & 27th
Fee: $55 per class / $110 for both classes
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This class will offer tools and perspectives to navigate working in different mediums, so that your method of preparation can best support your success.

Expansive Presence On Camera

Teacher: Holly Cinnamon
When: Friday 1pm-3pm
2 Classes: October 4th & 11th
Fee: $55 per class / $110 for both
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Discover how the tools offered by the Alexander Technique can expand your presence for your on-camera auditions. In this class, you will be given sides to prepare and work with in front of the camera. By orienting to various resources in the room, your attention can tell the story in the space between the lines.