The Medium is the Message: Preparation Practices for Theatre vs On Camera Auditions

Holly Cinnamon, working actor and Alexander Technique teacher in NYC, stands in front of a class of students who are sitting on the floor. She holds a tensegrity structure as she explains how the use of yourself and your attention can change how you reach an audience in theatre and film. A camera and monitor is set up on a table behind her.

Teacher: Holly Cinnamon
When: Friday 1pm-3pm
Free Class: Sept 13th
Dates: September 20th,& 27th

Where: AT Motion Center for Actors
151 West 30th Street, Floor 3, NYC
Level: All experience levels welcome

Class Description: Your job as an actor is to translate a series of moments from a story on a page into four dimensions – in space, over time. But how your audience will receive your translation varies from medium to medium. In New York, most of us are theatre-trained actors but with a growing TV/Film industry, how do we translate our performance from stage to screen?

This class will offer tools and perspectives to navigate the differences between working in these mediums, so that your preparation can best support your success in whichever medium you are going in for. We will examine what you are orienting yourself in relationship to, how you are using time and space and how you are thinking of yourself and your choices in these different mediums, from the moment that you receive your sides up until the end of your audition. Over the course of the class, we will work on theatre, film and TV sides. 

Your awareness of how the medium works will result in more visible, accessible and integrated choices that will draw the audience or the auditioner’s attention to you at the center of the moment, whether the moment is on the stage or in the frame.  

Payment Options:
Single Class Fee: $55
Full Class Fee: $110