Expansive Presence On Camera

Holly Cinnamon, working actor and Alexander technique teacher, teaches an acting student on camera audition technique. She stands to the left of the student who is holding audition sides. Holly gestures to teh camera.

Teacher: Holly Cinnamon
When: Friday 1pm-3pm
2 Classes: October 4th & 11th

Where: AT Motion Center for Actors
151 West 30th Street, Floor 3, NYC
Level: All experience levels welcome

Class Description: Discover how the tools offered by the Alexander Technique can expand your presence for your on-camera auditions. In this class, you will be given sides to prepare and work with in front of the camera. We will explore how you can consciously use your attention in the audition room to draw the camera to you. By orienting to various resources in the room, your attention can tell the story in the space between the lines. You will remain grounded over your feet and the camera and the casting director will be drawn into your experience as you embody the character in 3D.

Fee: $55 per class