Free Class: Audition Agility AT & Coaching

Belinda Mello, Master Alexander Technique Teacher helps an actor through a series of floor exercises meant to provide a means for the actor to use their whole body as one. The actor holds a band of fabric in the air and Belinda gently holds the actors knees giving her direction.

Teacher: Dana Calvey & Belinda Mello
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2:00pm-3:30pm
Where: AT Motion Center for Actors, 151 West 30th Street, NYC, Floor 3, Studio 5
Class Description: This class is an introduction to AT Motion’s weekly drop-in Audition Agility Class. Actors and Singers use this weekly group to work with audition material of their choosing and at all stages in their process. They receive feedback and hands-on work from an experienced Alexander Technique teacher/ actor coach. 


Join this class for a safe place to test out monologues or songs in front of a group before performing in “higher stimulus” environments. Bring in sides to explore before your self-tape or come to observe and be inspired by an Alexander-based approach.  

Fee: There is a $5 registration fee that will be refunded in cash after class.