Acting and Singing (while Alexander Technique-ing)

A young woman stretches her leg back and her arm in the air with an umbrella open to a sunny sky as if she were to take flight. This is against a yellow background.

Teacher: Kyra Miller
When: Mondays 1pm-3pm
September 30th & October 7th
Location: AT Center for Actors, 151 West 30th Street, Floor 3, Studio 5, New York, NY 10001
Class Description: How you walk in the door, how you interact with the accompanist, how you manage the unexpected...all impact how you will sing - and get a call back.This intensive is designed to guide you through your embodied audition preparation.

Class 1: Prepare for and enter the audition room, be confident in how you communicate with the accompanist and transition from non-singing to singing. Supported by the AT principles, you will address your song as a piece of text, through an embodied text analysis process. We will move through the transitions that are key to making the most of your short time in the room: 

Class 2: With an accompanist present, each person will have a turn exploring their audition transitions and their song, using what we explored in Class 1.

Experience Level:  for Professional and pre-professional singers.
What to Prepare: Come to class ready to work with a relatively new-to-you song, learned and memorized.