Artist Development Series

AT Motion Center for Actors is dedicated to helping the artists that come through our doors and supporting their creative growth. For us, the Alexander Technique is at the heart of the artistic process as well as an artist’s well-being. AT is a lively process of exploring your choices and developing your clarity of expression.

Each year, we will offer coaching and presenting space to an artist, or artistic team, for the development of a performance piece. Like a residency, this will include private tutorials, work-in-progress showings and a final studio performance.

Esco Jouley.jpg

Esco Jouléy: JUSTONE

Esco Jouley and Justin Weber are developing JustOne, a collaboration between Theatre Artist & Musician.

Both deaf and hearing audiences are invited to JustOne, a vaudevillian improv show.

A mute clown and a pianist will take audience suggestions to build a scene and explore these prompts. Based solely on music and movement, this monthly event will present a unique take on improv.