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Practicing the Alexander Technique means learning new skills, tuning in to new sources of information, and gaining an increased ability to use your physical awareness constructively to make the changes you want in your movement and behavior.

The technique is based on the teachings of F. M. Alexander, who made important discoveries about how the human body is designed and how we move, breathe, and live in relation to the physics of this planet. Alexander believed that there are important discoveries to be made about how we're designed to move that can be learned---and that learning these insights can help us shed unhelpful ways of moving in favor of new approaches that fit better with what we want.

Alexander's chief insight was that finding ease and freedom in movement does not depend on doing something right. Rather, Alexander is a process of discovery, of simply allowing ourselves to understand our body's processes and potential.

Human beings are not machines. We are living organisms and we're highly responsive both to the ever-changing outside world and to the ever-changing inner experience of living. The more we understand about how to allow the way we're designed to be to simply be, the more ease we find and the more synchronized we feel with our ourselves and the present moment. 

Alexander Technique will help you discover a lighter, more resilient, more precise way of moving and breathing throughout your day.